Wednesday, July 18, 2007

July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th Bryce Canyon National Park
After breakfast at Ruby's Inn we drove into Bryce Canyon National Park and to the observation sites where we could see all over the fantastic red, orange, purple, and white fantastic sandstone formations called Hoodoos standing apart in balanced towers. Chipmunks were lying in wait along the trail. Although now handouts to the chipmunks are forbidden, I remember feeding them when I was here at age 7 yr. Braden was a real trooper and hiked down the trail with a group and was happy to get back up on the plateau as it was really hot. He participated in the Ranger's talk about the formation of the hoodoos due to wind and water erosion.

We had lunch back at Ruby's Inn, then for the activity I've been waiting for ---
horseback riding!! We went out to Red Canyon and a trusty trail horse was given to each of us. My horse was named "Snickers" and a fine horse he was. Braden's horse was called "Slim" and Emily's horse was "Julie" a thoroughbred. The trail ride was up the Red Canyon dry river bed, at the base of gorgeous red sandstone formations on either side. Braden enjoyed his ride and was just ahead of one of his friends on the trail ride. The ride was 1.5 hours and surprisingly none of us were bowlegged or crippled when we got back.

Well good times, never end. After the trail ride we returned to Ruby's Inn then departed to the Bryce Canyon Resort that the Taylors own. There Je
ff and Leslie, with kids Krystal, Bryce, Jace, Landon and baby Max met up with us for part of the evening. It's been tough getting through to them because they are camping on a nearby mountain with 300 participants in the Hatch family reunion. Leslie is a Hatch - from Hatch, Utah. I was happy to see them all again and talk about what was going on lately. We had a fun covered wagon ride from the resort around the acreage to the chuck wagon/dutch oven dinner site. "Wild Indians" rode and surrounded the wagon pulled by two draft horses. The "Indians" whooped and hollered and they galloped in circles around the wagon. Finally they let us be, and rode away into the sunset. We arrived safely at the dinner site and sat down to a big and delicious western meal. Krystal and Bryce stayed with us till the end of the Western Entertainment, but the others had to get back to the reunion by 7pm (they were late!) as they were "serving" for the evening meal up there. Emily and Krystal were selected to get up and dance and I was in charge of our table's portion of the song "She'll be Coming 'Round the Mountain." The whole evening was fun and the highlight was to see Jeff and family. Of course when we returned to Ruby's Inn, the kids had to go for an evening swim in the pool.

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