Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Marching through May

May has already been filled with many projects and activities. I've had good success corresponding with my Rees cousins in Wales relating to a descendant of Mary Rees, a daughter of Elizabeth Rees & William Rees. We are just trying to find out which of two possible Mary Rees that fit the parents and birth year she is. In our line Elias Rees (b. 1805) & Jennet Morgans are the great-grandparents; Elizabeth Rees is their daughter, and Mary would be the granddaughter. We'll see what more can be found.
We were all very excited to see pictures of Elias Ree's carpenter's ruler and carpenter's apprentice wooden puzzle piece. Wonderful pieces to think were once in the hands of our illustrious ancestor (see photos -from Elias Rees descendant, Marcus Tiddy).
I'm busy preparing a booklet of the recent "Akins Family" for a cousin, Joyce, in California. We both have David Akins & Sarah Minerva Ells as ancestors. I'll be visiting her soon so we can compare each other's old Akin photographs and try to identify them. I'm eagerly awaiting Joyce's stories of old, and I hope to record them using a recording attachment for my iPod.
Lots to do and learn.

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