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Jan in Ariz-Genealogy Akin-Stevens

Fitting in some time between the kids and grandkids, I've been able to vist a Family History Center for the first time in a long time. 15 years ago was in Honolulu, and this months it's been in Sierra Vista, Arizona. I love browsing through all the good books and that has been my priority, as I usually do a lot of research on and other internet sources. I found a good booklet of "10,000 Vital Records of Western New York 1809-1850" by Fred Q. Bowman, 1985. This listed several Akin and Stevens family relations. This booklet has marriages and death notices from five areas in Western NY. I was mostly interested in the Jamestown Journal, of Chautauqua Co., and the Wayne Sentinal (Palmyra Register) of Palmyra, Wayne Co., NY.
I found
-Akin, Lucinda, 34, wife of John H. died 1/31/1843 in Carroll, Chautauqua Co., NY - [I didn't know the exact day of death before.]
- Akin, Grace, 38, wife of Elijah, died 1/12/1835 in the Jamestown Journal.
-Akin, George, 22, formerly of Auburn, NY, died 7/14/1835 in Natchez, Mississippi. (in the Wayne Sentinel).
- Moore, Joseph K. married 12/12/1834 Betsey Akin in Carroll, Chaut Co.; Rev Peck (listed 1/7/1835)
- Morey, Freeland married 1/8/1844 Lucy Akin in Bust, Chaut. Co.; E. W. Parker, Esq. (listed 1/26/1844)
-Hall, Samuel E. of Sugargrove, PA married 2/10/1841 Mary Akin of Carroll, Chaut. Co., NY in Sugargrove, PA; M. Wilson, Esq. (listed 2/24/1841)
-Lacy, Samuel S. married 1/2/1844 Mary A. Akin, both of Chili, Monroe Co., NY, in Chili; Rev Billington. (listed 1/10/1844)
-Stevens, Phineas, Jr. 21, married 11/7/1817 Rhoda Glover, 35 in Phelps (in the Geneva Gazette - Geneva, Ontario Co., NY) [I don't know if he is related to "my" Phineas Stevens family?]
-Stevens, Gilbert, 12, son of Phineas, died in Canadaigua, NY -(listed 12/26/1827)
-Stevens, Walter of Richmond, Ontario County, married Lucy Osgood in Almond, Alleg. Co., NY (listed11/38/1827)
-Stevens, Walter, about 30, son of Daniel, was accidentally killed by a rifle shot by Cabot Barlow while deer hunting in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin - The parties were formerly from Chautauqua Co., NY (listed 6/30/1842)
-Stevens, Ebenezer (Maj Gen) 71, died 9/2/1823 in Rockaway, L.I., NY where he had gone for benefit of his health (LTC in Rev. War) (Listed in Geneva Gazette, Ontario Co., NY 8/17/1843)
-Stephens, Asa, 22 died 8/4/1843 in Ripley (Chautauqua Co.) (listed 8/17/1843).
- Stephens, Walter married 12/9/1834 Matilda Tew, both of Jamestown (listed 12/10/1834).

As my Akin cohort, Robert Akin, pointed out - according to the 1830 census, there was Edward, Elijah, Howard, James, Joseph, and William Akin living in Chautauqua County. It is somewhat easy to elimate some of these head of households as the father of Betsey, Lucy or Mary Akin (above) of Chautauqua County, but it doesn't exactly confirm who belongs to which family.

Here's what Robert found about Mary Akin listed above:

From a record of a letter I long ago sent him (that I found at the Fenton Library, in Jamestown, NY). It was from Mrs. Pamela Spanogle dated 12/1985, Subject: Correction to Fredonia Censor Gleanings. This letter identifies the Mary Akin that married Samuel Erastus Hall, Jr. as the widow of Aura Cronk Akin (1815-1839) s/o James Akin, II. Her maiden name was Wheeler.

He then found Freeland and Lura Morey in the census records. In 1850, he is called Freeland Masey, and they are on p. 21 of the Busti census. This record indicates that Lura was born abt 1824 . He found Freeland and Lura in the 1860 census for Busti, p. 37. He is listed as Frelan Mory. In 1870, Lura is living alone with Deloss, their son, in Busti - census p. 28. He did not find them in the 1880 census. The son is called Carlos in 1850, Dallas in 1860, and Deloss in 1870. He could not find him in 1880,either. Apparently Lura Akin, b. abt 1824, is the d/o Edward and Lura (Wilcox) Akin. The only little problem is that Edward and Laura seem to have this Lura b. 1824 and then later another daughter, named Laura, b. 1845. Why two daughter's named so similarly? Could this Laura be a granddaughter?

There are other possibilities to nail down the Betsey Akin from the newspapers. More work here to be done. Here is the website of Robert Larry Akin:

The jury is still out on the Phineas Stevens relation of mine to the Stevens/Stephens mentioned above. I will continue with other findings at the Family History Center next time.

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Apple said...

Anna Laura Akin 1842-1901, daughter of Elijah and Hannah (I think) is in my file. She married my cousin, Marshall Wirt Wisner.

All 3 Fred Q Bowman 10,000 Vital records books are available at If you are interested in Wayne Co, NY you may also want to check the Central NY edition as I have found some overlap in the books. I also own the Western NY edition if you should need further look ups.