Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another Birthday

Another candle on the birthday cake on August 7th. I've been busy doing genealogy and catching up on medical appointments, so my birthday was a good time to have some fun. I started out with the fitness class (not so much FUN) but then one of my friends from the class took me to the new "YogurtLand" in Hawaii Kai. This is a great place!! You fill up a bowl, yourself, of any or all of the many soft serve non-fat yogurt flavors, then you add any toppings you want. At the end you pay by the weight of the bowl. Very nice for someone who wants to experiences lots of the flavors (like me!). After savoring all of that I went out "Geo-Caching" - at first alone. The first was supposed to be at the base of Koko Crater where the train tracks go up to the top. I searched all over the area with my GPS, but couldn't find the cache. Even got a big scratch on my hand from the dead tree's branch. Then I got a call on my cell phone and talked to daughter, Alisa, and grandkids Emily and Braden. Braden even sang Happy Birthday to me. A bit later, with another friend, Lucille, we searched around the road leading to Paiko Lagoon and found a second cache. Then on down the highway to find another cache at a park amongst the roots of a Chinese Banyon tree. Finally we were stumped at the last geocache as it was a puzzle cache and we didn't know what the puzzle was to solve. Later at home I lamented online and I received a few hints so that I could solve the puzzle. At any rate, back at home we watched Lucille's pictures of her recent trip to Tahiti to see the solar eclipse and snorkle. Finally we went to the nearby Greek Marina restaurant to have a greek gyro meal outdoors at the Koko Marina. It was a nice birthday.

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