Saturday, December 5, 2009

November and Thanksgiving

November went by in a blur but with bathroom remodeling,  I'm happy to say that my new toilet works, there is beautiful tile on the floor, and there is  a new cabinet on one side.  It was done in time to stop worrying about it and turn my attention to a Thanksgiving filled with friends and food.  Early Thanksgiving afternoon I went over to the Thompson's.  Laura and I went to visit Ben Finney who was recuperating at the hospital.  It was good to see his wife and meet his son.  I drove Laura's car and it was quite interesting with a camera in the back so you could see where you were going in reverse, on a little monitor screen on the dashboard.  Later I enjoyed a big Thanksgiving dinner hosted by Harriet Hoffman and her husband Bob.  She cooked a big turkey which was nearly all eaten by the time the crowd departed for the evening.  After everyone left, Harriet and I ended up talking about genealogy till midnight.  Here are photos of the big dining table and the happy diners.  Thanks for a great day!

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