Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tsunami - Hawaii

Just waiting for the Chili earthquake generated Tsunami to arrive.  It is to reach Hawaii in a half hour (Hilo at 11:05 am Hawaii Time).  I've made preparations for safety and should be all right at my home on Oahu.  Lots going on here as the sirens go off every hour and now at the half hour.  People were up and to the stores after the 6am tsunami warning siren.  Many boats have gone out to sea for their safety.  The Marquesas / Tahiti reports the water was 6 or 7 ft high as the wave passed by them. Right now Hawaii is at a very low monthly tide, so 6 ft rise would not be too damaging.  We'll see.....

News update: 2 pm - the Tsunami warning in Hawaii was canceled.  Ocean surges were recorded at a maximum of three feet, so it was no problem in Hawaii.

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