Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Blog "Ancestor Tracking Dream Roadrip"

I've added a new blog site called Ancestor Tracking Dream Trip - a re-creation of my 2001-2002 Vagabond Trip Journal.  In those two years I drove around America (and up to Nova Scotia, and over to Wales and England) tracing my roots and seeing the sights along the way.  Now, inspired by Randy Seaver's challenge on his blog "GeneaMusings" I've created the "ride along with me" type blog.  The website is http://www.ancestortrackingdreamroadtrip.blogspot.com/  I start the journal May 2001 and will add days to this blog as I can, every few days, or so.  I start at Fayetteville, NC and move up to New England where I spend quite a bit of time.  Eventually I'll follow the migration west to New York, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois, Colorado and many other places.  Follow along by subscribing to this new blog on your blog reader. - Donna

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