Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Time Between Trips

There are nearly three weeks between my stay in Arizona and my trip to India.  And the time seems short.  Before I left Arizona I was watching the Dr. Oz TV show, and the topic was identifying your thyroid and thyroid cancer.  From that I suprisingly found a lump in m,y neck, so called ahead to Hawaii for a doctor's appointement.  On Jan 10th, I was checked out and a thyroid nodule was found on ultrasound.  After that I got a "Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy" and two days later found the nodule was benign.  So that was a relief and allowed me to return to thinking about packing for Operation Smile.
Sewing box of my great-grandmother Edith Elmira (Akins) Blanding

Franciscan ware tumbler
    I took some photos of some of the "heirloom" dinnerware and sewing box I had given to my daughter, Alisa, some time ago, and we were able to use some of the Franciscan China for the Christmas dinner of 12 people.   I think we should all take photos of our heirlooms because even if they are somehow lost, or not deemed worthy to be saved by the next generation, at least there is a photo of these possessions which have memories attached.
     I have so many genealogy projects in mind and many that are barely started.  But these have to be put on hold until I return in February.  I'm ready to check out the software I just bought,called "Heritage Collector Suite" and see if it is a great way to organize and produce my family histories.

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