Friday, April 15, 2011

Blog Talk Radio - Geneabloggers

Blog Talk Radio is a new online radio show that began when Thomas MacEntee decided to cover the TV show “Who Do You Think You Are” live, when it started two months ago. It just finished it’s six episodes. So actually I guess it’s not that new, but I missed getting on the band wagon to listen to it earlier because of my travels to India, etc. Now I’m leaving for Panama on a regular tour, but have managed to listen to all his 2 hour shows which have been archived and are downloadable to my iPod at I love listening to Thomas and his interaction with guest callers. The show lasts two hours, but the time flies by, especially when I’m on my fitness walk, or driving.

I have to make a new posting to my blog, as I haven’t gotten to it for awhile, you see it has now been mentioned on the internet radio!!   I finally got to listen to the LIVE radio show at  today (Friday April 15th) (which airs at 4 pm Hawaii Time, or 9 pm his Chicago time) – and I decided to call in and mention my great-grandfather, William Dowell Wallace. The reason being that the radio show is about the Civil War and Family History …. Thomas has a theme for each show, now that the WDYTYA series is over….. anyway he had some excellent guests tonight, but still solicits telephone calls from listeners or those lurking in the radio show “Chat Room.” So I actually telephoned in to Thomas and got on the air to mention that my great-grandfather enlisted from Madison Co., Iowa and that he got sick in early 1862. He was hospitalized in Corinth, Mississippi and remained to become a “nurse” in that hospital and in other places his company traveled. I told Thomas that in the two years I had traveled around the USA, I tried to visit as many Civil War sites as possible, and one of the most interesting and chilling times was to stand at the site of the Corinth, Mississippi hospital where my Civil War ancestor had been. He said he hoped that I took lots of photos. So then I had to mention my other blog at  in which I am putting my two year travel journal onto the blog, slowly, one day at a time. It’s from 2001 and 2002. I’ve yet to blog about an actual ancestral site, but I will get there eventually. I have made posts about visiting Antietam and passed by one near Staunton, VA in the Shenandoah Valley.

In the past two weeks, I’ve been crazily busy doing online research about my Phineas Stevens ancestral line. I have three Phineas Stevens in a row: Capt Phineas Stevens in the French and Indian wars; his son Dr. Phineas Stevens – a Loyalist in the Revolution, and the grandson Phineas Stevens (III) a tanner in Jamestown, NY. Phineas III, had a daughter (my direct ancestor, Lucinda Stevens) and a son he named Phineas.  So it was this Phineas IV who DID enlist in the Civil War and I’ve been tracking down his life.  Phineas Stevens (IV) started out as a Lt from Westfield, NY and ended as a Capt after he moved to Fredonia, NY. I’d like to write more about this Civil War g-g-grand-uncle in another blog.

Thanks, Thomas MacEntee, for all the work you put into your free Webinars (see listings at and the free BlogTalkRadio, in addition to your devotion to the geneablogging community. Congratulations for getting the position as speaker on the upcoming Legacy Cruise off of New England this coming September. See for a glimpse into the world of genealogy blogging.


Lisa / Smallest Leaf said...

Hi Donna -

I just listened to the archived version of this episode of Geneabloggers Radio. Enjoyed hearing you and learning about your family's Civil War history! I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

Smallest Leaf

Heather Rojo said...

I remember you being on the chat board that evening on Geneabloggers Radio. I made a mental note to contact you about genealogy research in Hawaii, but I can't find an email on your blog. I was in Hawaii last summer doing genealogy research at the Hawaii Archives, and I'll be returning next year. I wanted to pick your brain about research in Hawaii (Oahu) and strategies for finding family. My email is Thanks so much, Heather Rojo