Sunday, October 14, 2012

Heather Wilkinson Rojo in Hawaii Kai

It was my great pleasure to meet up with renown genealogist and prolific blogger, Heather Wilkinson Rojo
Donna and Heather with Diamond Head in the background
( ) and her husband, Vincent Rojo, and mother, Phyllis Wilkinson, when they came to Hawaii recently.   Before they left, they came out to my end of the Island for a visit.  We got together and talked about genealogy and our common New England ancestors (Tuttle, Platts, Gawkroger, Prescott, Sawyer).  We had lunch, then made a big tour of Hawaii Kai - from the beaches and cliffs to the volcanoes and even an ancient Hawaiian temple (heiau).  I had met Heather almost two years ago on her blog after she came to Hawaii and was discussing her family member, John Dominis, whose son married Lili'uokalini, who became Queen of Hawaii, and the also the Holts.   Last year we rendezvoused at the Southern Calif. Genealogy Socity Jamboree in Burbank.
     It was great seeing this month when they came to Oahu and Maui, and I was glad they could squeeze some time to visit out of their touring and Hawaii family researching.  Genealogists are the best!
Phyllis, Donna, Heather and Vincent pausing for lunch by the water in Hawaii Kai
Last stop on the tour, the Pahua Heiau - an ancient Agricultural  Temple

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Heather Rojo said...

Great photos! You beat me to a blog post, too. It was great seeing you, and I hope we meet up again soon. New Hampshire next time? Thanks for the great tour.