Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tsunami coming to Hawaii?

    As I write this  (10 pm Saturday night Oct 27) there is a tusnami warning in the state of Hawaii as a result of a 7.7 earthquake off the west coast of Canada.  The sirens have gone off for the last two hours - every half hour - and all the televisions stations are broadcasting the news of evacuation.  The fire truck just went by warning everyone living by the water to evacuate.  My particular place is not in the flood zone for evacuation, so I plan to stay at home.  I have a 2nd floor if needed.  In the meantime The Weather Channel is broadcasting all about Hurricane Sandy heading towards the East Coast.  Big night for the US weather. 
   I was at a fund raiser dinner a couple miles from where I live, and people began getting alerts on their smart phones, so we left and drove home.  Now the roads near the shores are being closed.  The tourists at Waikiki are urged to return to their hotels, and I imagine they will all go up above the 3rd floors or so.  All the parks and beaches in the state are evacuated and closed.  Unfortunatly there is only about 5 1/2 hours between the earthquake and the expected arrival time of the waves to Hawaii.  The expected time of the first wave is 10:28pm.  Right now they are explaning the difference between a surfing wave and a tsunami wave, so hopefully no one will venture out to surf tonight!
   There are no warning (DART) bouys between the West Coast of North America and Hawaii, so the exact size and time of the waves are hard to predict. 
   Just now rainfall has begun.  Hopefully the tusnami waves or storm surge will be small.
----------UPDATE     Sunday morning:  The tsunami warning has passed and some wave measurements were up to three feet, but no damage, no problem this time.  A good exercise in disaster evacuation.
   Now,  hope the East Coast can dodge disaster with Hurricane Sandy.

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