Saturday, March 17, 2007

Beginning of a Blog

Greetings to all who might read this blog - the product of a world adventurer who has had an underlying (and not so underlying) addiction to genealogy and family history. I'm living in beautiful Hawaii - a continuation of the westward migration my family has made through the generations from Wales, England and Scotland, and then From Plymouth Rock to Diamond Head

With renewed vigor in stepping into the world of the mysterious internet, and while listening to the Genealogy Guys podcast from October 23, 2006, today I am inspired to try out creating this blog. I gave a presentation March 3rd, at our Genealogy Society, titled "Podcasts, Blogs and RootsTelevision" - in which I mentioned how easy it would be to set up a blog - so here it is! My "web log" or blog will probably take the shape of a journal.

17 March 2007 - Saturday - Happy St. Patrick's Day - Honolulu, Hawaii

Last night I got together with friends from the Honolulu County Genealogy Society for a workshop about and Family Tree Maker. There were five of us, but it kept us busy all evening. Harriet and I acted as guides for the others and got them up to speed about the benefits of getting the latest editions and subscriptions. In one evening there were oooohs and ahhhhs to be heard as new discoveries were made.

Plans for the year:

I'm busy with the technicalities of planning my summer and fall activities - which include plane reservations to Arizona to visit my daughter and her family. I'll be taking the grandchildren for an intergenerational Elderhostel week in S.W. Utah, and also a week at a time-share exchange at Pinetop, in Eastern Arizona, for a week in the mountains. Both my daughter's and my birthday will be celebrated before I leave. August 11th, I'll get a flight to Ft Wayne, Indiana to attend the Federation of Genealogical Societies Annual Conference and do some research at the famous Allen County Library - Genealogy Section. I've got reservations at a B & B near the library and convention center so it should be very convenient and productive.

Plans are that my Hague cousins, Dorothy and Don, on returning from their Civil War Battlesites travels, will stop in Ft Wayne and pick me up to go back to Des Moines, Iowa with them. I expect I'll stay there a while and we can do more Hague family research in Polk County. I also want to squeeze in Pearce research in Boone County, Iowa; Wallace and Williams research in Warren County, Iowa, and other assorted branches.

I'll be making some decisions about a month-long trip to China in September. After a wonderful experience last August in Mongolia and a trip on the Trans-Siberia Railway across Russia, I think I've got to return and see more of that part of the world.

But first, the dreaded income tax deadline is fast approaching, so my time today will be filled with that preparation (I hope).

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