Friday, October 17, 2008

Back from Train Trip in Canada

I've been gone six weeks on a big train trip from west to east in Canada and east to west in northern USA. I've got plenty of wonderful stories and thousands of great photos... Now I need time to sort everything all out! (see photo of Bonnie (left) and me (right) on their horses south of Calgary. Look at the million dollar view of the Rockies from their place.

I did a little genealogy on this trip - found the land that my ancestor, Phineas Stevens II was granted from England after the Revolutionary War (he was a Loyalist)... dated 1784.... at Sissiboo, on St. Mary's Bay, south of Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada. (He was the son of Captain Phineas Stevens commander of Ft Number 4 in what is now Charlestown, New Hampshire, who died near Ft Beausejeur, Chignecto - Bay of Fundy area, Canada in 1755/6. ) Look at the map I found at the Admiral Digby Museum in Digby of the land grant (1784) to Phineas Stevens and his brother Enos Stevens, Weymouth was the eventual townsite. This is all on the south end of Nova Scotia, above Yarmouth. What a thrill to find the actual land they occpied after the Revolution. With this map I was able to walk on the land and see the same views they saw over 200 years ago. We talked to some current residents of the area and I am encouraged to dig further into the lives of these ancestors.

In the mean time I am immersed in studying for the PALS Pediatric Advanced Life Support test coming up in November. I'm taking the test to be able to try to volunteer as an operating room nurse on foreign medical missions. We'll see if I can eventually conquer this difficult (for me) subject matter.

I'm glad to be back in Hawaii where it is warm, and I'll never forget the wonderful adventure Bonnie (my old college roommate) and I had on ViaRail and Amtrak.
More later......

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