Monday, November 17, 2008

November in Hawaii

On the genealogy research scene, I've been slacking, because I had to study for my Pediatric Advanced Life Support Certification. Well, I took the class and test this weekend, and I am elated to say that I did pass, and hopefully I'll be able to now qualify to volunteer for Operation Smile - a medical mission to do cleft lip and cleft palate repairs in children around the world. We'll see what evolves next year. The photo on the right shows me attempting an Intra-Ossceous access (instead of IV access in a vein)... this is the new thing. You twist a needle into the shin bone marrow to put fluids through in an emergency. I hear the medics in the war are currently using a battery powered "E-Z I-O" drill to gain quick access for resuscitative fluids in the wounded....amazing!

But, even with the studying, you can't keep a genealogist completely away from the the fun, so I did some searching around to clarify some geography quandaries on the Akin family in Minnesota for my distant cousin, Robert Akin and his wonderful website One question was about a note that said Verna Adeline Erie, wife of Thomas Garrit Akin, was born in Faribault, Minnesota. Did that mean Faribault County or Faribault (City), Rice County? Hmmm, I guess this is an example of poor foresight of the Minnesotan name makers with this and other city/county mismatches, such as Blue Earth (city) in Faribault County, verses Blue Earth County just to the north. I looked up the Erie family and found Verna Erie in the 1920 census at Faribault, Rice County, so that's where we figure Verna was from. I think the lesson here is to always identify both the county in addition to the city. If it is a township, then so state it. If you're not sure, then state the possible confusion in added notes.

I've been listening to the many Genealogy podcasts on my iPod at the gym, and I'm eager to try out some of the new websites or new features of my favorite websites. Anything happening with is always of interest to me. I've watched two of their free webinars on my computer when they were offered. The next one is about the new edition of Family Tree Maker software version 2009. I'm not sure if I'll get the new version. I'm still with version 2006 and like it fine, but I'll see what's being offered.

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