Monday, December 15, 2008

Stocking Stuffer

Stocking Stuffers Picture

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In preparation for Christmas, and in response to "Smile For the Camera" - a Blog Carnival for genealogy, with a subject of "Stocking Stuffer" - I've found a photograph to submit for this December's Blog Carnival. My "Stocking Stuffer" photo is ME in a Christmas Stocking. It was my first Christmas and my parents hung a big stocking with me as the stuffer. My brother, Richard Hague, is standing next to me (Donna) in front of our fireplace, in Los Angeles, California. He's probably thinking that this was not what he had asked Santa for! The year was 1945. I hope the hook was sturdy, but I guess it was, as I don't remember becoming unstuffed if it gave way. I'm wearing a pink crochet top that my great-grandmother, Edith (Akins) Blanding probably made for me when I was born. Previous editions of "Smile For The Camera" can be found at the "FootnoteMaven's website:

PS. Seven years later, after I grew too big for the stocking, we put the cat, Smokey, in the stocking. He later let us know he didn't like being a stuffing!

The Carnival's In Town by footnoteMaven Dec 14, 2008

Here's an update of the results of the "Carnival" entries by "footnoteMaven" at

Smile For The Camera ~ A Carnival of Images

This was a "Joy To The World" sort of Carnival. One of the most thoughtful, kind, and generous Carnivals yet. Each of the participants thought long and hard about what they would share and who they would share it with. Their choices were what you would expect from this great group of GeneaBloggers. I try not to comment on the submissions until the Carnival's In Town, to keep my impressions fresh, but it was so hard not to comment this time.

So, open the cover and browse the 8th Edition of Smile For The Camera's album of Stocking Stuffers and Enjoy This Holiday Season!

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There could not be a more perfect start to this carnival than the "Stocking Stuffer" photograph that Donna Wendt posted at Another Day With Donna. When she said, "I've put a stocking stuffer photo on my blog," Donna meant it! So we start the Album with a photograph you just must see! Smile, you're at the carnival.


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