Saturday, October 2, 2010

Another Dorothy in an Old Photo

Since I had such good luck with the last old photo identification "Ralph, Matt, Frank, Dorothy" I've found another picture, in another album of my great-grandparents Akins/Blanding.  This one has the writing "Dorothy and Cousin Harry" on it.  I looked for Dorothy Hatinger's first cousins on the Hatinger/Hattinger side via old census records. Although I did find one "Harry Hatinger" in Montcalm, Michigan, I'm not sure if the ages are right.  In addition, I don't even know if this is Dorothy Hatinger - it doesn't look quite like the older Dorothy Hatinger from the other photo.  I'll have to ponder this one a while longer!  Any suggestions about what year this might have been taken?
Dorothy & Cousin Harry

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