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Hague English roots dug up

St Michaels Parish Church at Mottram-In-Longdendale, Cheshire, England
Hurray!!!  I've finally figured out where my great great grandfather and his family lived in England before their arrival in Rhode Island about 1848.  A fellow genealogist, Donna Hague Blinn (surely a relation!!!) sent me a copy of a marriage certificate of a James Hague and Mary Ann Barker a while back, but I didn't think it was the correct marriage because my g-g-grandmother's name was Eliza Barker.  Later I found two marriage listings pop up on .  That first one was dated 1830 with Mary Ann Barker, and another one in 1844 that was with James Hague -WIDOWER - and Eliza Barker.   Then I found a death listing for a Mary Ann Hague in 1844 could possibly be James' first wife, and then it looks to me like he married Eliza Barker, MAYBE the sister of his first wife, because he needed a mother for his children.  Does that make sense??   Well, it makes sense to me, but I'm still looking for more of the FACTS. 
Marriage of James Hague and Mary Ann Barker  1830
James Hague of this Parith and Mary Ann Barker of this Parith were married in this ---?---- (county?)
by Banns with the Confent of .... (blank?) this thirteenth Day of September in the Year
One thoufand eight hundred and thirty. By me H.TL M.G. Vicar ??
This Marriage was folemized between us: James Hague/Hagae?
Her Mark: X of Mary Ann Barker
By the Prefence of : Haiit ..fuffoseh ?
James Cooper [James Cooper was also witness in preceeding certificate-dw]
No..... 19
1830 England, Cheshire Parish Registers, 1538-2000    ( )
name: James Hague
marriage date: 13 Sep 1830
marriage place: Mottram-in-Longdendale, Cheshire, England
principal's residence: Mottram-in-Longdendale, Cheshire, England
spouse's name: Mary Ann Barker
spouse's residence: , Mottram-in-Longdendale, Cheshire, England
digital folder number: 4019066

I was able to find the family of James Hague with wife Mary Ann in the 1841 England census on  The clincher for that being the right census listing because the children matched the names of the children who came to Rhode Island seven years later with my gg-grandfather. Except there was an extra girl, Elizabeth Hague, who may have died before they immigrated. The census was from New Road, Dukinfield, Cheshire, England. 
1841 English Census from Dukinfield, Cheshire, England  - on New Road
James Hague (Hatter), Mary Ann, Ann, Elizabeth, Edwd, Joseph and Alice...
all from Cheshire except Mary Ann (wife)
Then, I decided to make a concerted effort to find the birth certificates from England. The General Records Office (GRO) in England only has records beginning in the 2nd quarter of 1837. So I have about 5 or 6 children who I can search for who were born after 1837. Two or three of the kids were born before 1837, then there were two who were born later in Rhode Island. I can try to find the Church Parish Records for before 1837, but that involves getting records from the Tameside County office, and they don't accept credit card payment like the GRO does. So that may take awhile. After five separate name requests to the GRO one finally hit pay dirt, and I received the birth certificate of Mary Ann Hague, born 8 Sep 1844 at New Road, Dukinfield, Cheshire, England. Father was James Hague and mother was Eliza (nee Barker). The occupation of James was "Hatter" - imagine that! I was very happy to receive a real record - the first - of my Hague family in England.   Things are finally falling into place - at long last!!

Eighth of September 1844, at New Road, Dukinfield
Child: Mary Ann - girl
Father: James Hague
Mother: Eliza Hague, formerly Barker
Occupation of Father:  Hatter
The "X" mark of Eliza Hague, mother, New Road
Registered Twenty Eighth of September 1844
Registration District: Ashton and Oldham, County of Chester

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