Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Memories - Outdoor Decorations

  I remember that at some point we had outdoor lights on the edge of the roof of our house.  Nothing extravagant, but once the neighbors did it we all had to do it, I guess.  I climbed the ladder to the roof and would help my Dad put up the lights.  I recall being quite small when climbing up to the roof.  What was my Dad thinking!!  Well, I did whatever he thought I could do.  I remember jumping out of a tree once, with his encouragement,  and he caught me when I was five in Idaho.  And then there was the time I got the courage to jump off a diving board and he was in the swimming pool to rescue me if needed (Long Beach, Calif).
   Anyway, I'm not sure of the year we started putting up outdoor lights, but this is a photo of our house on Cimarron Street in SW Los Angeles in 1961.
  Below are two neighbors across the street from us that year.  We loved seeing the lights along our street.  In the past we'd drive to the Coliseum in Los Angeles and see the lights outside of it.
My Neighbors' houses --- this is the way we did it in 1961 in Los Angeles, California

 Below is a photo for our Christmas card in 1959 as we might be ideally pictured putting up decorations on our porch.

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